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International entities that introduce new regulations for the construction of Nuclear Power Plants are constantly migrating their document management systems towards digital technology which provides a greater degree of reliability. Imagine, for example, the possibility to store all the traceability information of the production processes involved in the millions of mechanical components that make up a Reactor forever. This technology already exists, it is called: Blockchain. Blockchain which refers to “a chain of blocks" consists of a set of digital technologies that allow us to keep a secure, decentralized, synchronized and distributed record of certain digital information. Blockchain is a database that uses cryptography to provide maximum immutability and reliability when storing information.

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In October 2020, after 3 years of continuous work, we launched NUCLEARISTRACK , a traceability platform for the manufacturing of mechanical components to be installed in a Nuclear Power Plant. We used intelligent contracts in RSK blockchain to develop this project. Thanks to this development, we became the first company in the world to produce a batch of mechanical parts using Blockchain authentication. These components have been since installed in the core of two working nuclear reactors, Atucha I and II.

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In November 2020, in collaboration with the American satellite communications company ORBCOMM, we launched ORANGETRACK, a satellite device to track radioactive sources which it relies exclusively on a Blockchain platform to save data. The Chamber of Non-Destructive Testing Companies was the first to be interested in this platform and they will soon become the first users of this technology to trace and register the doses absorbed by the workers who manipulate radioactive sources.

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In May 2021, we launched PHARMATRACK, a traceability platform for manufacturing potassium chloride tablets, which is used at Nuclear Power Plants in case of accidents related to the release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere. NUCLEARIS partnered with Molecular Dynamics SA, a clinical laboratory services company from Argentina, to develop a software solution based on Blockchain technology which created NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to generate a digital identity for each blister pack of tablets manufactured.

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In December 2021, we launched a new software solution called MATTERIA used to manage the documentation required for the ASME III Certification, which NUCLEARIS has managed to obtain. MATTERIA is a management system for documents that are hashed in a Blockchain developed by NUCLEARIS using Polkadot protocol. This software technology adds the highest level of security and immutability to the documents of each manufacturing process of the mechanical components to be installed in a Nuclear Power Plant under the American regulation ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

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In October 2022, we expect to complete a new development based on Blockchain technology called DOSETRACK. This new digital system invented by NUCLEARIS consists of a mobile application that uses a Blockchain database to register the doses absorbed by the workers who manipulate radioactive sources in the Nuclear Industry. This system records the dose level of Gamma radiation from dosimeters carried by operators of nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities. The information is saved on immutable ledgers that allow monitoring of radiation levels in order to protect the health of people working with Gamma emission sources.