Nuclearis compliance


Corporate Compliance refers to a set of internal policies and procedures adopted by organizations to identify and classify the operational and legal risks they face. These rules and standards not only help to detect and prevent violations but also manage and mitigate risks. Compliance is no longer a choice in the case of many organizations which means it has become a legal requirement to be met. Organizations must take Compliance into account when developing their strategies and enforce it throughout their internal structures in order to comply with legal precepts and to protect themselves against risk situations that could seriously jeopardize the stability and continuity of the organization's activity. The concept of Compliance is not unknown to Argentina’s legal system (Law 27.401). However, the rapid and recent evolution of international legislation and the increase of sanctions combined have made Compliance one of the most recent pressing issues to be incorporated in the management strategies and vision of any organization. That is why NUCLEARIS with the help of its Law Firm BRETTA GODOY has created an Internal Commission to manage and implement a corporate compliance program to provide continuous personnel training and guarantee that all operations are conducted under this practice.